EEP Project

Increasing access to energy efficient technologies in Kenya through sustainable community groups.

Funding Agencies: AUSO

Consortium Partners: CO2 Balance - Advise the project on issues of carbon Financing, Vision Fund Kenya - They are sub granted by World Vision to give Jiko loans to community groups in Wema and Mogotio, SCODE - They manufacture the cookstoves which they sell to Vision Fund who give the community groups on credit, Envirofit Kenya - They manufacture the cookstoves, Ministry of Agriculture - Support in training of community groups, Community groups - They sell the jikos which they are given on loan by Vision Fund Kenya, WWA Support Office – Monitoring of the project implementation, WFV - Support Office-Monitoring of the project and link the project with EEP offices

National Lead Organization: World Vision Kenya

Geographical Reach: Nakuru and Baringo (Wema, Mogotio and Kiambogoko Area Programmes)

Duration: 2 years (June 2015 – July 2017)

Budget: € 399,397.71

Target Beneficiaries: 7000 households (about 42,000 persons - women, men, youth and children) 



  • Distribution of 7000 improved cookstoves to the communities in the 3 ADPs,Carbon Financing
  • Training on effective use and repair of cookstoves
  • Training on effective use and repair of cookstoves undertaken


  • Improved  health status due to reduced smoke
  • Reduced expenses associated with the gathering/purchasing and use of fuel wood as the stove uses less firewood
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gases (ton/CO2)

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