Integrated Climate Protection and Resource Conservation Project

ICPRC project ensures targets groups and local actors in Suba District are strengthened and better prepared for adverse effects of climate change and are able to use natural resources in a sustainable way, thereby improving their living conditions.

Funding Agencies: BMZ, WV Germany, Homabay County Government

National Lead Organization: World Vision Kenya

Geographical Reach: Lambwe Area Program; Lambwe and Central Division, Suba District, former Nyanza Province on Lake Victoria and Homabay County

Duration: (2014 – 2021)

Consortium Partners: County Government of Homabay; Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Suba Environmental Education of Kenya (SEEK), Suba and Luo community

Budget: $674,208

Target Beneficiaries: 10,200 marginalized subsistence farmers



  • Regeneration and revegetation of severely degraded land 
  • Promotion of agroforestry systems (Agroforestry)
  • Promotion of soil and water conservation technologies 
  • Production and sale of energy-saving cooking stoves
  • Disaster Preparedness & Land Use Conservation Plans
  • Environmental conservation and disaster preparedness education in primary schools


  • Conserved and Increased Vegetation cover and biodiversity, e.g. the CO2 fixation
  • The sustainable use of local energy sources and energy potentials leads to inter ali, e.g. fewer greenhouse gases
  • Strengthening of civil society through disaster preparedness plans and resource conservation measures