Integrated Fish Farming and Horticulture Project (IFFHP)

Integrated Fish  Farming and Horticulture is working towards achieving the project goal which seeks to improve nutrition and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable rural households in Homabay”,  and this is expected to be achieved through the integration of fish farming ( aquaculture) and horticultural production. 900 smallholder households will benefit directly from the project activities (45 mixed groups preferably women and marginalized subsistence farmers) and 600 young unemployed people (in 30 groups of about 20 members).

Funding Agencies: BMZ 75% and WV Germany 25%

Consortium Partners: BMZ and WV Germany

National Lead Organization: World Vision Kenya

Geographical Reach: Lambwe, Magung, and Pala Area Programmes

Duration: 4 Years (August 2016 – April 2020)

Budget: $1,476,514.662

Target Beneficiaries: Women, unemployed youth, and marginalized subsistence farmers



  • Project preparation, capacity building to conduct integrated fish farming
  • Design and establishment of three fish hatcheries
  • Sustainable use of local natural resources promoted (water, soil and land use)
  • Promoting environmentally integrated vegetable growing
  • Promotion of integrated poultry
  • Local production of fish feed encouraged.
  • Focused production of raw materials for feed production
  • Improved local and regional marketing of agricultural products of the target groups
  • Access to capital for the target groups facilitating
  • Strengthened M & E system and program accountability initiatives


  • Improved nutrition and strengthened resilience of 900 vulnerable rural  households and 600 unemployed youth through Integrated fish and horticulture farming
  • Established Value chain in aquaculture for the target groups
  • Effective  programme management and monitoring systems enhanced for efficient implementation