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Need for emergency food, water and livestock interventions in East Pokot as drought worsens

8 August, 2014-Nairobi. The Sub-County of East Pokot, Baringo County is facing severe drought conditions. Due to inconsistent rains in 2014, households are currently unable to meet their basic food and water needs as well as sustain their livestock.

In collaboration with World Vision and Trócaire, ACTED carried out an Inter-Agency Response Mission to the worst affected areas of East Pokot towards the end of July. The mission revealed that despite the efforts of the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) and the County and Sub-County Governments, the humanitarian gaps remain vast.

Primarily, communities are facing significant food shortages. Crops have failed in the agro-pastoralist livelihood areas, and the price of the food basket (including maize and beans) has risen. In some areas, food is either not available or inaccessible. Many shops have also closed as customers, who have bought on credit, have been unable to pay off their debts. Malnutrition rates are deteriorating, with Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) rates in East Pokot standing at 21.1 in June 2014 (UNICEF: SMART Survey), far above the critical threshold of 15%.

The need for clean water is critical; households are walking long distances to access water and much of it is not suitable for consumption. Often the sources are shared with animals and therefore waterborne diseases are common, especially diarrhea among under-5s.

The drought has also forced communities to take their livestock further afield in search of pasture, a decision that has led to intercommunal tensions and violence in some areas. Poor animal conditions have meant that many have fallen ill and died as a result of preventable diseases. Since May, the average price of food has increased while the price for cattle, sheep and goat have all decreased.

The Mission Report highlights a limited response to the drought in East Pokot.  Humanitarian gaps exist in food, water and livelihood interventions, as well as support to communities in managing the current shocks. ACTED, World Vision and Trócaire are working together to secure funding in order to provide life-saving food, nutrition and water assistance, as well as livestock support, child protection and health interventions to the most affected communities.

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