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Nairobi, Kenya, 15th March, 2017- World Vision Kenya will launch “It takes us all campaign” on Wednesday, 15th, March 2017, in Ilaramatak Area Development Programme(ADP), Narok County. Ilaramatak area has a high prevalence of child marriage at 41 per-cent (UNICEF,2014). The campaign launch will be presided over by The Principal Secretary, State Department of Social Protection Ms. Susan Mochache,

“The slogan, It takes us all to end violence against children” is aimed at stirring minds to play a part, no matter how small for the vices below to be eradicated. Kenya’s population is about 44 million, with 53 per-cent being children.” said World Vision Kenya Interim National Director John Makoni.

The organisation seeks to enhance parental knowledge and skills to improved care and protection for children. World Vision Kenya will also strengthen national and local level mechanism for care and protection of children. While investing in strengthening local and national level child protection mechanism and quality education for every boy and girl. Enhanced reporting and referral of cases on violence against children will be undertaken as a prerogative of the organisation performance goals.

“It takes children’s voices, Government, humanitarian workers, faith based organisations, donors, the media and all stakeholders to end violence against children” said Mr. Makoni. We as an organisation want to influence positive change in attitude, beliefs and practices, strengthen household economic capacities, to provide basic needs for their children.

World Vision Kenya defines violence against children as all forms of physical, sexual and mental violence, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, harm or abuse, including commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking, child labour, cyber abuse and harmful practices such as Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting and child marriage. Ending child marriage will reduce maternal and infant mortality and increase enrolments, retention of children in schools.

“It takes survivors of FGM/C to end violence against children, It takes a boy or girl to end child married, it tkto end violence against children, It takes survivors of sexual violence to end violence against children. Children require adequate care and protection for their life long success.” said Mr. Makoni.

A study conducted in 2016 by Child Welfare Organisation and Childline Kenya, indicated that nearly 800 children were abused in Kenya. The study gives a dire report of the fact that 3 out of 4 the abused cases, range from sexual, physical and neglect, that could cause irreversible physiological and mental damage to children. Girls still bear the biggest brunt of abuse in 90 per cent of the cases. The UNICEF 2016 report also highlights that 33 per-cent of police and law enforcement commit violence against children in our society, while 28 per-cent are parents and caregivers.

“Minimal knowledge and skills on parental care, protection and also the effect of child neglect drives or pushes children to marry before the age of 18.” said Mr. Makoni.

In Kenya, 21 per cent of women and girls aged between 15 to 49 years will undergo Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting (FGM/C) before they reach 18 years of age (KDHS, 2014). The KDHS report further states that the cultural practice is nearly universal in North Eastern Region of Kenya at 98 per cent, among the Somali and Samburu, 5 per cent of women and 6 per cent of men believe that circumcision is required by their religion.

“Girls who undergo Female Genital Mutilation are at a higher risk of being married off before the age of 18. Advancement of negative customary beliefs and practices pushes families to marry off their children before they attain the age of 18.” said Mr. Makoni.

According to a 2015 UNICEF report, one out of four girls is married before their 18th birthday. The effect of weak household economic base pushes girls to child marriage. If current trends in child-marriage prevalence continue, it is estimated that 142 girls will be married by their 18th birthday before 2025 (UNICEF,2014). Children, who are victims of sexual abuse that results into pregnancy, often end up in marriage before the age of 18. Often disempowered and highly dependent on husbands, child brides are much more likely to experience physical, emotional and sexual violence in the contexts of their married and domestic life (UNICEF, 2016).

 “Every year, in every county and community, violence robs children of happiness, dignity and a future. No matter what form it takes, violence denies children the life that World Vision Kenya believes God desires for them.” said Mr. Makoni.

Weak mechanism for arrest, evidence preservation and prosecution result to un deterrence of adult from marrying children. Any person who gives monetary consideration, goods and other benefits or any other form of inducement to a child or his parents, with intent to procure the child for sexual intercourse or any form of sexual abuse or indecent exhibition or show, commits the offence of benefitting from child prostitution and is liable upon conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than ten years (The Sexual Offenses Act, 2006).

The three focal areas, the organisation will focus, is on Female Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage and Sexual Violence. 


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Notes to editors:

What violence is.

  • Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

      It takes survivors of FGM/C to end violence against children

  • Child Marriage

It takes a boy or girl child married early to end violence against children

  • Sexual Violence

It takes survivors of sexual violence to end violence against children

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