World Vision partners with LG in provision of solar-powered fridges in West Pokot

November 20th, 2014-World Vision Kenya has partnered with LG Electronics to provide five solar-powered refrigerators to five health facilities currently experiencing challenges in storage of laboratory of reagents, pharmaceutical and vaccines in West Pokot County.

The LG solar – operated fridges valued approximately at USD 25,000 are expected to improve health services provided to children under the age of five years, expectant and lactating women in the area.

The health facilities benefiting from this donation cover all the four sub-counties within west Pokot County. Each of these health facilities (Kasei Health Facility in Pokot North, Kauriong in Pokot North, Nachecheyet and Chepnyal Health facilities in West Pokot and Nyag’aita Health Facility in Pokot Central) will each get one fridge.

“We manufacture products that fit the needs of our consumers and this donation is another cutting-edge technological innovation based on customers’ insights and the need to provide human-centric technological solutions,” said Tae-Ick Son, the Managing Director LG East and Central Africa.

Mr Son said the new off-grid power supply fridge comes with an LG Inverter Compressor that adjusts cooling power in response to the amount of medical supplies you load in the refrigerator which provides efficient energy consumption.

“Cooling power is controlled automatically according to the internal and external temperature conditions of the refrigerator,” he added. 

World Vision has been implementing several development projects within West Pokot County. Up to early this year the organisation has been running three Area Development Programme (ADP). They are; Marich Pass, Sook and Orwa ADPs, whose coverage is 118,680 people out of the total county population of 512, 690 (2009 Census). These programmes covered a total 2,038 KM2, compared to the total West Pokot area of 8,418.2 km²; Orwa and Sook ADPs are still operational until 2023.

Some of the other achievements of world Vision in West Pokot has been in provision of potable water for communities through installation and rehabilitation of boreholes, construction of 20 water tanks, issuance of 68 plastic tanks (varying capacities from 5,000 to 10,000), construction of 158 pit latrines, and capacity-building of community members and government officials through trainings and exposure visits. World Vision has also supported the formation and strengthening of seven community units improving provision of community health services to more than 7,000 households. World vision has also supported the Ministry of health in West Pokot County with equipment’s for health facilities worth Sh1.6 million

Vast areas of West Pokot County are arid and semi-arid; hence most people rely on livestock for their livelihood. According to West Pokot health Sector Strategic Plan, health indicators in the county are generally lower than World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations.

The current donation from LG Electronics to World Vision Kenya will strengthen these ongoing health interventions that are carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in West Pokot County. This is in line with the current World Vision Kenya strategy that seeks to improve health and nutrition status of children less than five years, pregnant women and lactating mothers within communities in Kenya.

However, companies like LG are now seeking solutions for these particular pain points. The new solar-powered fridges have been developed shortly after LG introduced Power Cut Evercool refrigerator which for the first time offers seven hours of cooling in the fridge compartment and 10 hours of cooling in the freezer even without power.

Powered with the Innovative Power Cut Evercool Technology, the new range of LG Frost Free Refrigerators provides the longest cool air retention in the refrigerator section for more than seven hours during long power cuts.