Sook AntiFGM Project

Sook AntiFGM project seeks to end FGM, by strengthening social change communications, sharing inspirational stories of change, and leveraging resources. Through our collaborative efforts positive change is happening. Across the target focal reach , people are coming together to abandon this form of violence against women and girls.

FGM is everyone’s issue and each of us can play a role in creating a world that is safer for our girls.

Donor: Government of Finland

Amount: $100,000

Focal Reach: Sook Division: Tamugh, Sook, Ptoyo, Chekomos and Nakwijit Locations

Duration:  2016 –  2019

Patners: Ministry of Education, County and school Education Boards, County department of Gender and Children services, County Department of Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE), Constituency Development Funds (CDF), Area Advisory Council  and Children officers at sub-county and county levels, Scripture Union and NDMA

National Lead Organization: World Vision Kenya



  • Construction of 2 safe houses in two schools
  • Empowerment of individual families through Empowered World View Approach
  • Song/Drama competitions among primary schools in Sook on FGM and Child Marriages
  • Capacity building sessions for opinion leaders, community members,  on FGM , Early marriages and referral systems
  • Radio talk shows on issues around FGM and other child abuses that are common common in Sook
  • Road show targeting creating awareness on effects of FGM and Child marriage


  • Outcome 1.0: Access and Completion rates in primary and secondary schools for 2,000 girls and 1,000 boys  increased   by 20% in Sook community by 2017Outcome 
  • Outcome 2.0: Increased staff capacity to implement, monitor and evaluate projects by the end of project