Our National Strategy (2021-2025): Going Further Together, with Hope & Resilience for Children


Strategy Road Map (2021-2025):

The  goal of World Vision Kenya's new strategy is to contribute to the improved and sustained well-being of 8,827,654 children including 2,521,600 children identified as the most vulnerable children by 2025.

The strategy provides a road map that will effectively guide the organisation's programmes or initiatives that are aimed at addressing the needs of the most vulnerable children in Kenya, so as to enable them to enjoy live in all its fullness.

It is a product of collaborative efforts between the organisation and key stakeholders including community members, government bodies, faith leaders, civil society organisations and private sector players. They all provided great insights into development challenges affecting the country, as well as ways in which those problems could be solved through effective development strategies and partnerships.

Most importantly, we listened to children. We took time to understand their concerns, fears and aspirations for the future. We allowed them to participate in decisions regarding the selected priority areas of the strategy. In so doing, we enabled the children to become co-creators of this new strategy that seeks to improve their well-being and to protect them from harm.