World Vision focuses on the protection of children

World Vision strongly condemns all attacks affecting all children during the Nagorno Karabakh conflict



  • At least 36 civilians, including four children, are reported to be amongst over 1,000 casualties in Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • World Vision urges partners to work together to identify and address the protection needs of all children affected by the conflict in terms of support, programming, and funding.
  • World Vision will support more than 9,000 families and their children with in-kind and psycho-social assistance, including clothing and food, as well as psychological support, referrals, the establishment of child-friendly spaces.

World Vision is learning that unacceptable violations risking the safety of civilians, including children, continue due to large-scale military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh, the disputed territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Over the past weeks, at least 36 civilians, including four children, are reported to be amongst over 1,000 casualties. Sadly, thousands of children caught up in the conflict are deprived of their right to education as well as those fundamental rights of shelter, food, and protection. Many families from Nagorno-Karabakh spontaneously arriving to Armenia are frightened for their lives and those of their children.

The sounds of bombs would not stop, and I had to quickly collect a bag and take the children out of the house. I only took our documents and very little clothes for the children,says Tehmine, mother of five young children. Tehmine and her children have found a shelter in one of their relative’s house in Armenia.

World Vision strongly condemns acts of violence against all civilians, especially children and calls on all parties to abide by the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law.  World Vision further encourages the adoption of a humanitarian ceasefire and hopes all parties to the conflict will show determination to respect it.

As an international humanitarian agency World Vision is desperately concerned about the security of all children affected by this conflict and has mobilised its own resources as well as resources from international and local donors to provide 9,000 affected families and their children with in-kind and psycho-social assistance” details Eleanor Monbiot, World Vision’s Regional Leader for Middle East and Eastern Europe Region. Furthermore, World Vision in Armenia and globally seeks to strengthen collaboration with government, civil society, and the international community to support actions designed to end and prevent violations against children in times of conflict.

“The conflict in and around Nagorno-Karabakh affects children at all levels, as individuals and as members of both a family and a community. Separation from their family, displacement, and psychological and physical abuse, are some of the scary realities that children from Nagorno-Karabakh face today. We will be addressing the needs of the children and families that spontaneously arrive to Armenia simultaneously advocating for their universal right to life and security”, - says Gayane Martirosyan, World Vision Armenia’s Advocacy and Partnership Advisor.

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