World Vision donates desks to Chepseon Primary School in Salgaa

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Salgaa, Nakuru County - June 9, 2023 -  World Vision donated 260 desks, worth over a million Kenyan Shillings (KSh. 1,043,000), to Chepseon Primary School, to alleviate overcrowding.

Currently, classrooms in the school accommodate more than 80 pupils, with four to five students sharing a single desk.

“This is part of the work that we are doing here in Salgaa to improve learning conditions for children and ensure that they have the required learning resources,” said Grace Munjuri, the Vice-Chair of the World Vision Kenya Board.

In addition, World Vision announced plans to initiate a feeding programme in partnership with the county and other key stakeholders, amounting to KSh.1 million per term, at Chepseon Primary School.

“This critical programme will enhance children's nutrition, improve school retention rates and ultimately boost learning outcomes,” said Munjuri.

She noted that many students at the school come from families facing extreme poverty, lacking sufficient food and often experiencing hunger.

The already challenging food security situation in Salgaa has been further exacerbated by inadequate rainfall over the past two years that negatively impacted crop and livestock productivity.

To improve the well-being and education performance of girls, World Vision has also provided dignitary kits, comprising of sanitary pads and essential items to combat period poverty.

Chepseon Primary School is one of the six primary schools supported by World Vision in the Salgaa area, alongside Belbur, Gicheha, Boito, Mimwaita, and Kayanet.

During the handover ceremony for the desks at Chepseon Primary School, World Vision also called for collaborative action to address the pressing challenges affecting children in Salgaa.

The transit town of Salgaa, situated along the Nakuru-Kisumu-Eldoret Highway, boasts a thriving industrial sector and bustling commercial activities driven by long-distance truck drivers from various East African countries, who usually make stop-overs in the area.

However, the town is also plagued by detrimental social issues such as alcoholism and commercial sex work, which are prevalent among the transient and local population.

Compounded by high poverty levels, many people usually resort to these vices as coping mechanisms and quick income sources to meet their basic needs.

Regrettably, these circumstances expose children to various forms of violence, including sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies, child neglect and child prostitution.

Furthermore, children in Salgaa endure water scarcity and encounter educational hurdles due to inadequate school infrastructure and limited learning resources.

Recognising the urgent need to address these complex issues, World Vision launched its Salgaa Area Programme (branch) in collaboration with the County Government of Nakuru in 2021, which focuses on implementing transformative development projects in the area.

Through joint fundraising initiatives, World Vision and the County Government of Nakuru have invested approximately KSh.40 million in Salgaa, facilitating various development initiatives.

Notably, the Belbur Water Project, valued at around KSh.20 million, has provided clean water access to nearly 1000 pupils at Belbur Primary School and reached an additional 350 households in Belbur village.

The organisation has also embarked on improving education infrastructure and conducting public awareness campaigns and life skills training to combat child protection challenges in the area.

World Vision remains steadfast in its commitment to transforming the lives of vulnerable children in Salgaa and beyond. Through strategic partnerships and holistic interventions, the organisation aims to break the cycle of poverty, violence and deprivation. This is empowering children to reach their full potential in life.


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Ag. Communications & Marketing Manager

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