Thursday, February 15, 2024

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Lusaka, 15th February 2024, World Vision Zambia has donated infection prevention and control and other medical supplies valued at ZMW4,857,425 (USD 185,023) to the Ministry of Health to supplement the government's efforts in combating the ongoing cholera outbreak that has affected all ten provinces of Zambia. The country has been grappling with cholera since October 2023, affecting over 18,000 Zambians.


The donated items, which include over 8,000 kilograms of granular chlorine, over 43,000 bottles of liquid chlorine, 5,000 rehydration salt sachets, liquid soap, and hand washing facilities, are essential in preventing and controlling the further spread of the disease.

We are a child-focused humanitarian organisation and recognize the urgency of addressing the cholera crisis because children are the most affected directly or indirectly. We are therefore committed to supporting efforts to mitigate the negative impact of cholera on children and their families by donating these items,” said John Hasse, World Vision Zambia CEO and National Director, during the handover of the supplies to the Ministry of Health.

In addition to this donation, World Vision Zambia has worked with the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit throughout the outbreak in Zambia by trucking safe and clean water to cholera hot spots where access to clean water has been a challenge. To date, World Vision has provided over 840,000 litres of safe and clean water to nearly 42,000 Zambians. The organization has also conducted extensive community sensitization campaigns to educate the public on the transmission and prevention of cholera through radio and face-to-face meetings.

World Vision Zambia collaborates closely with communities, partners, and the government to deliver humanitarian interventions through preparedness, emergency response, and recovery programs. Since October 2023, as part of our early action and in response to the outbreak, World Vision Zambia has drilled 81 boreholes (3 in Schools, 2 in Healthcare facilities, 76 in Communities) and constructed 36 water schemes (15 in Schools, 16 Healthcare Facilities, 5 in Communities). The total contribution to cholera prevention through the provision of new safe and clear boreholes and water schemes constructed is over ZMW32 million. World Vision is targeting to protect 250,000 people during this response.

Recognizing the severity of the cholera pandemic, World Vision Zambia has repurposed some of its development budget to support the efforts to curb the spread of the pandemic.

World Vision Zambia remains committed to working alongside the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to curb the spread of cholera and save lives. 

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