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article • Tuesday, April 18th 2017

Mother-led MUAC Webinar Recap

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On 4th April 2017, World Vision hosted a webinar highlighting mother-led MUAC programmes implemented by ALIMA and World Vision in Niger and Mauritania. If you missed it, you can listen to the recording and view the presentations below, and there are links to additional resources below. You can also learn more about the approach from World Vision and ALIMA:

English Meeting Recording: Mother-led MUAC (1 hr 9 min)


Kevin Phelan from ALIMA presented on the Mother-led MUAC approach, and ALIMA's work in Niger. View the presentation: PDF icon English Webinar - Family MUAC Kevin Phelan ALIMA.pdf

Judith Haase from World Vision presented on Mother-led MUAC implementation in Mauritania. PDF icon English Webinar - Mother-led MUAC Judith Haase World Vision.pdfWorld Vision's toolbox of Mother-led MUAC tools. PDF icon English Webinar - Mother-led MUAC Tool Box Colleen Emary World Vision.pdf

Summary of some questions and answers from the call: PDF icon Mother-led MUAC English Webinar Q&A Notes.pdf

French Meeting Recording/Webinaire en francais: L'approch PB-Meres (1 hr 17 min)


Dèo Sibongwere de ALIMA Niger a présenté sur l'approche PB-meres, et le travail d'ALIMA au Niger. Voir la présentation: PDF icon French Webinaire - PB-Meres Deo Sibongwere ALIMA.pdf

Naroua Ousmane de World Vision/Vision Mondiale a présenté sur la mise en œuvre de la MUAC menée par la mère en Mauritanie. PDF icon French Webinaire - PB meres Naroua Osmane World Vision.pdf

Judith Haase de World Vision/Vision Mondiale a présentée sur la boîte à outils World Vision d'outils MUAC menés par la mère. PDF icon French Webinaire - PB mere_tool box Judith Haase World Vision.pdf

Résumé de certaines questions et réponses de l'appel: PDF icon PB-Meres Webinaire en francais Questions et Reponses.pdf


More about the approach from World Vision and ALIMA.

World Vision developed a number of tools for Mother-led MUAC that you can access in English and French

Guidelines for Training of Trainers: Mother-MUAC: Teaching Mothers to Screen for Malnutrition 

also available in French: PB Mères: Dépistage et diagnostic de la malnutrition par les mères  

ALIMA Video: Mothers can do it: Screening Malnutrition in Niger (1:42)

ALIMA Vidéo: Les couleurs de la vie: dépister la malnutrition au Niger (1:42)

ECHO Video: Combating Malnutrition in Niger: Mothers can do it (3:52)

Journal Articles: 

Alé FGB, Phelan KPQ et al (2016). Mothers screening for malnutrition by mid-upper arm circumference is non-inferior to community health workers: results from a large-scale pragmatic trial in rural Niger. Archives of Public Health.

Blackwell N et al (2015). Mothers understand and can do it: a comparison of mothers and community health workers determining mid-upper arm circumference in 102 children aged from 6 months to 5 years. Archives of Public Health. 

ENN Summary of Research: Mothers understand and can do it (MUAC). Field Exchange 50, August 2015. p18. 


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