The Role of World Vision in Ending Child Marriage in Zambia: Gaps and Opportunities

child marriage policy document
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Child marriage is defined as a formal or informal union, including religious and customary marriage, of anyone younger than 18 With high rates of child marriages in Zambia, currently estimated at 29% many children continue to experience multiple violations of children's rights, such as domestic violence, forced pregnancy, and limited or no education and economic opportunities restricting their prospects for the full realization of their potentials.

As ensuring the survival and rights of children remain a priority, World Vision Zambia joined government efforts to end child marriage in Zambia on 21st March 2018, when it launched the "It takes Zambia to End Child Marriage" Campaign. World Vision Zambia is currently spurring conversations on harmful vices associated with child marriages within its operational areas, advocating for policy changes to address children's injustices and ensuring that children's fundamental rights are protected. This Technical Brief provides insights into some of the interventions that World Vision Zambia is implementing to end child marriage in Zambia, the gaps and opportunities that are there to improve the fight against child marriage.