Photo Feature: Driven from conflict-torn South Sudan, Life in a refugee camp, seven months on

These are portraits of a South Sudanese refugee family forced from their home after the conflict that broke out in South Sudan in December of 2013. They now live at the Kakuma refugee camp in neighbouring Kenya. They are fearful of returning home because of the conflict. 

Mary shares of her struggles living in a refugee camp, "Refugee life is tough. The children are not used to this life. They keep asking me where their father is and why we are not living in a good house and I don't know what to tell them,"  The familiy has not heard any word from their father who they now fear may have been killed in the fighting.

The conflict in South Sudan is taking a devastating toll on thousands of refugees. According to the UN:

  • nearly 425,000 people have fled to neighbouring countries
  • nearly 42,000 are now living at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya
  • more than 80 % are women and children