Erik's journey from a shy and nervous child with communication barriers to a confident individual

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Erik's journey from a shy and nervous child with significant communication barriers to a confident and socially engaged individual is really incredible. Born with health disorders that limited his ability to communicate and socialize, Erik faced serious challenges from an early age. Till the age of four, he was struggling to speak in sentences, overwhelmed by shyness and nervousness.

“Erik had health issues. He was getting stressed out when socializing with people. When seeing someone, he would hide, He did not go to kindergarten, he did not go to the preschool center. I could not imagine how he would go to school," says Erik’s mother.

Hope was restored when Erik and his family were involved in the REBCA project (“Resilience and Economic Recovery of Border Communities in Armenia” Project implemented by WFP and “World Vision Armenia” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), one of the components of which is to provide psychosocial support based on family needs), marking a turning point in his journey. Under the guidance of compassionate social worker and psychologist Sona, Erik’s behavior started to change.

He was also supported by his dedicated mother, who joined the sessions, participated in offered trainings for parents due to which learnt some new techniques and methods, which contributed to having positive results.

With each month Erik's progress was evident. Day by day, he developed newfound courage and confidence, liberating himself from the limitations he once faced.

Psychologist Sona did her best to help Erik overcome his barriers and cultivate essential social skills. With patience and perseverance, Erik's interactions with others gradually became more natural, and he no longer shied away from people. He started to go to school, not wanting to miss a single lesson.

“When he is upset with something, he paints and feels better. Erik now goes to school. When I ask, maybe you should not go today, he says, “No, I will definitely go. And you stay at home and cook before I come back.”  And sometimes I cry out of happiness," admits Erik’s mother.

Today, as a bright and confident boy, Erik stands as a ray of hope, and his journey, marked by the great support of his family and the expertise of caring professionals, can serve as an inspiration for others, facing similar challenges.