Community people are buying and selling products in the bazaar

Bazaar that transforms the lives of the community

Goichkhali is a remote village where the economic condition of the people is unstable, and the people are mostly illiterate. The village has poor transport communication, and this is 5km away from the main town, Nandail. Due to the damaged road and transportation system, local vehicles are reluctant to reach to the village for any communication.

Most of the villagers are farmers. They cultivate lands and harvest for leading their family. They usually produced various vegetables such as Brinjal, Potatoes, Guard and bean. They dreamt of serving them for the entire nation. But there they faced challenges. As the transport communication is terrible in this community, they are unable to carry them to the market. As a result, they do not get the market value as they expected while ploughing the crops. They eventually incurred a loss and got demotivated.

In 2017, World Vision Bangladesh, Nandail AP began to work with the producers' group. The AP formed two Local Value Chain Development Group gathering the farmers who left and about to leave farming. Through continuous motivation to the farmers and the villagers, especially producers group, World Vision finally developed unique and focused groups consisting of 50 members.

The producers received capacity building training where they have learnt to set vision, prioritized issues relating to farming and set an action plan. As part of their action plans, they established 'Collection Centre' in their community. They started accumulating their grains in that Centre and people coming to that place used to buy products from the Centre.

Realizing the progress in the Collection Centre, The Local Value Chain Development Committee took further step discussing with respective area program. Agreed upon at one point, the group thought establishing a Morning Market will get rid of the problems that they were currently facing and create many opportunities for others too.

Community people are actively engaged in the bazaar activities


Having said, Nandial AP helped the villagers to established the morning market. Initially they informed all the villagers that this will be the common market place, we call it ‘Bazaar’ for all from where we can buy and sell goods by own and with appropriate price. 

With this initiative a morning bazaar was established in 1 April 2019 at Goichkhali under Achargoan Union, Nandail. The bazaar opens at 6:00 AM morning and ends at 10:00 AM every day. Many people from the community and outsiders used to come to the place and buy and sell their products with proper price set by LVDC (Local Value Chain Development Committee) for each items in the board.

In this market, both the parties buyer and seller are extremely happy because sellers get the appropriate price 5-10 taka more than what they got previously. The buyers receive the products which is organic, fresh and chemical free, produced in their own garden or farm. 

By establishing, there is win-win situation prevailing in the community. People living in this community are benefiting from the market selling products, which help them to lead their family well. Along with this, people are eating a fresh and organic vegetable that allows them to stay healthy and capable to work more for their family. This initiative impacts the well-being of children.