Venezuelans crossing the border to Colombia
Thursday, June 20, 2019
Faith and fragility: Our calling to do more in dangerous places
On World Refugee Day, Andrew Morley looks at what it means to bring light to the darkness so many children face.
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Faith leaders unite for child protection in Uganda
Faith leaders unite to help end violence against children
By Dr. Kathryn Kraft, senior research advisor, Faith and Development, World Vision International I stood at the back of a village classroom and watched as a few dozen women and men introduced themselves. All were either leaders of their faith community, or were married to a faith leader. The head of the local Council of Imams was there. The head of the Catholic women's guild introduced herself. An Orthodox priest was followed by the wife of a Seventh Day Adventist pastor.
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June 7th 2017
MOMENT - Mobilizing for Maternal and Neonatal Health Through Birth Spacing and Advocacy
World Vision’s Mobilizing for Maternal and Neonatal Health through Birth Spacing and Advocacy project is a three-year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded family planning and advocacy project. MOMENT aims to improve maternal, neonatal, and child health by increasing WV’s engagement and political advocacy for global health and encouraging the United States and Canadian governments to maintain robust global health funding commitments.
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November 10th 2016
Solomon Island cousins
Fred Sikine is the eldest son of a tribal chief in the Solomon Islands, and the natural heir to his father’s position as chief. However, Fred’s wild lifestyle and his violence toward his wife and in his community put him in constant trouble with the law. Because of this, his father disinherited him, declaring that his behavior made him unfit for a leadership role.In 2011, in an effort to prove to others that Channels of Hope was a western concept that didn’t respect Solomon Island culture, Fred attended a gender workshop.
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July 19th 2016
Knowledge about birth spacing changes a Kenyan mother and her family's life
Rose Aoko Aloo barely clears five feet, but this petite Kenyan mother of seven children is a powerful presence. Determined to move her family out of poverty, she credits learning about healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies from a World Vision-trained neighbour as a turning point in her family’s life. Two years ago, Rose delivered her seventh baby. Anxiety consumed her joy as she worried about how to feed her newborn girl, along with five older daughters and a son.
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May 24th 2016
Faith Leaders fight Ebola
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November 12th 2015
Channels of Hope mobilizing Faith leaders to respond to HIV
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November 5th 2013
Channels of Hope Solomon Islands: Addressing Gender-based Violence
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November 5th 2013