clean water

Clean Water for Amotare Community

The people of Amotare, can at last heave a sigh of relief as their struggles to get clean water has ended. For the first time in many years, families in the community can get up at any time of the day, pick up their containers and confidently go to fetch clean water at a relatively short distance.

Previously, they had to walk more than one and half hours to another borehole to fetch water. The unfortunate part is that they were not sure if the water is safe. According to them, the lack of clean water has not made life and work easy for the community nurse. She also leaves her station and sometimes her patients to fetch water to enable her to do her work.

Children in the community were also affected because they sometimes had to go and search for water before going to school. They ended up being punished for going to school late. At school, the children had to go and fetch water  for hand washing and other important purposes. The children found it difficult to concentrate and sometimes slept in class due to fatigue.

“The water situation in Amotare has resulted in our children’s inability to learn and pass their exams. The teachers were always complaining to the parents. We are very happy that this borehole has come. It’s like we have a new life.” – Chief of Amotare