Solar Powered Technologies Spur Development in Narok County

Video Courtesy of Mediamax Network, K24 TV

 Solar powered technologies are enhancing the wellbeing of rural communities at Ilkimati in Narok County.

This follows the launch of an Off-grid Solar Solutions Project in the area by World Vision and Panasonic Corporation.

According to the Kenya Population and Housing Census, 22.7 percent of households countrywide are connected to the national electricity grid.  

In Narok County, however, only 5.6 percent of households are covered. This new initiative will thus help to bridge this gap and improve livelihoods.

So far, the project has provided two solar power supply stations and lighting equipment to Ilkimati Primary School and Enkutoto dispensary in Narok County.

Both institutions have also received solar storage devices. In addition, Panasonic has donated solar lanterns to 150 households.

The donations will improve the wellbeing of children and communities in this remote area.

Once the solar powered electricity is fully rolled out in Ilkimati, World Vision will support the community to run income generating activities such as poultry farming and school gardening that will be equipped with solar powered drip irrigation kits.

World Vision will also initiate reading camps - making use of the solar lighting system - to improve literacy competencies for both children and adults.

Moreover, using solar lanterns - as alternatives to the kerosene ones - will improve the health status of the Ilkimati community by shielding them from indoor air pollution.

The solar technologies will also provide households with opportunities for diversifying their income generating activities and venturing into new areas such as fruit or vegetable cultivation, as well as poultry farming using solar powered chicken egg incubators.

Moreover, the consistent availability of electricity will enable people to extend their working hours thus increasing family incomes.