Celebrating Transformation: World Vision's Impact in Kapululwe Area

After 20 years of dedicated transformational work, the Kapululwe community in Chongwe District gathered on the 23rd of August, 2023, to mark the closeout ceremony of World Vision's developmental interventions. This event brought together several people, among them community representatives and various stakeholders, to reflect upon the number of developmental projects spread across the community since the start of the World Vision Kapululwe Area Program in 2001.

Empowering Lives: A Vision Fulfilled

World Vision's Integrated Programs Director, Mercy Ngoma, opened the ceremony with pride and accomplishment. "Today, we gather here to celebrate not just the conclusion of our activities but the great impact we have collectively achieved," she stated. With a strong commitment to improving the well-being of vulnerable children, World Vision's strategic goals focused on water, hygiene and sanitation, maternal and child health, education, child protection, and livelihood interventions.

As World Vision's interventions took root, Kapululwe underwent a remarkable transformation. Through determined efforts, access to clean water increased significantly, with the installation of 237 boreholes and 23 mechanized systems, providing over 30,000 individuals with clean and safe water. Moreover, establishing water committees ensured the sustainability of these essential resources, reflecting the commitment to holistic development.


Catalysts of Change: Health, Education, and Livelihoods

The collaboration between World Vision and the Ministry of Health led to the construction of four clinics and staff houses, enhancing access to healthcare services for mothers and children. This effort was complemented by initiatives such as Child Health Week and international commemorations, contributing to a notable reduction in underweight prevalence among children under five.

World Vision's role in education was equally pivotal. Over 85% of children gained access to quality education through infrastructure development and support, reinforcing the belief that education is a cornerstone of development. The organization's impact extended to sanitation facilities, with the construction of modern ablution blocks in schools, ensuring the dignity and well-being of learners, particularly girls.


The empowerment of communities through livelihood activities was a testament to World Vision's commitment to sustainability. With training in the Saving for Transformation model, 155 savings groups emerged, amassing a total savings of ZMW 1,541,000. These self-sustaining groups empowered families to provide for their children's needs, emphasizing the lasting effects of all-inclusive development.

A Legacy of Change: Looking Ahead

The Minister of Health, Hon. Slyvia Masebo, echoed the sentiments of gratitude and pride. As the guest of honour, she acknowledged World Vision's pivotal role in shaping Kapululwe's destiny. "Today, we stand on the precipice of change," she affirmed. Hon. Slyvia Masebo recognized the inclusive impact on health, nutrition, education, and livelihoods, emphasizing that the efforts of World Vision had enabled the government to allocate resources to other critical sectors.


The government's commitment to enabling organizations like World Vision to contribute to the nation's development was highlighted. The Minister stressed that the legacy left by World Vision, including an investment of over $20,000,000, aligns impeccably with the national development agenda.

In closing, the message of continuity and shared responsibility resonated strongly. The government and community were encouraged to collaborate to sustain the progress achieved. "If you want to go far, go together," echoed the African proverb, highlighting the importance of collective efforts in long-lasting change.

As the ceremony ended, the applause and gratitude in the air painted a vivid picture of transformation. This was also complimented with tears of joy and shared moments from some World Visions Staff. The Kapululwe community now stands equipped and empowered to continue their journey toward a brighter future—a testament to the enduring impact of World Vision's dedicated work.

In this key moment, as World Vision's chapter with Kapululwe comes to a close, the memories created, the wells dug, the clinics built, and the minds educated stand as enduring symbols of positive change. This change will undoubtedly ripple through generations to come.