Digital Savings for Transformation (DSAT) in Zambia

World Vision has been using a wide range of approaches to deliver development to the rural community in Zambia. Savings for Transformation (S4T) is one such approach. The approach encourages group members to save money and access credit. Reportedly, there are approximately 80,759 savings group members across World Vision’s Area Programmes in Zambia (source: SAVIX MIS 2021).

The Digital Savings for Transformation (DSAT) project is one of the projects implemented under World Vision’s Enhanced Livelihood and Resilience (EL&R) initiative in partnership with the Rural Financial Expansion Program (RUFEP) and Atlas Mara Bank. Implemented between February 2018 and March 2021, the (DSAT) project focused on improving financial service delivery for rural savers by digitising cash boxes and promoting mobile money uptake using mobile phone technologies. It also aimed at increasing access to financial payments and transfer services by unbanked rural customers, enabled by branchless banking digital platform creation and agency banking promotion.

The project facilitated the development of the digital cash box and targeted 900 (660 women, 140 men, and 100 youth) rural savers.