Lighting the Path to Success: World Vision Zambia's Impactful Education Partnership

Friday, September 15, 2023

In a world where access to electricity is often taken for granted, the pupils of Chipepo Boarding School in Zambia have been facing an uphill battle in their pursuit of education. This challenging situation, however, recently transformed thanks to a remarkable partnership between World Vision Zambia, Fondation Groupe EDF, and Davis & Shirtliff Zambia. This collaboration has not only illuminated the lives of over 1,000 pupils but has also showcased the power of collective efforts in making a lasting impact.

Located in the heart of Central Province, Zambia, Chipepo Boarding School was a place where vital facilities such as dormitories, computer labs, and libraries operated without electricity, limiting pupils' ability to learn and broaden their horizons through technology and books. However, due to this partnership, the situation has changed dramatically, and the school is now glowing with newfound energy, literally and figuratively.


Key to this transformation is the installation of a state-of-the-art solar power system, a gift from the hearts of those who believe in a bright future. This innovative system now powers the school's residence halls, computer labs, libraries and other vital areas, creating an environment that fosters learning and growth.

During the project's launch, Mposhi District Commissioner Mr. Francis Hasamala expressed his gratitude to World Vision for their commitment to the community.

"We commend World Vision for various projects, including the donation of desks and water systems in the past years. This newly installed Solar System have given Chipepo a Facelift it has been longing for some time now," said Mr. Hasamala. "We must take good care of the newly installed solar system because it aligns with the government's mission to provide free and quality education for all Zambians."

Meanwhile, World Vision Zambia Resource Acquisition and Communications Director Jason Befus, thanked the corporate organizations that joined hands to make this project successful.

"This solar system is about lighting up the school and empowering pupils to study during non-learning hours, allowing the library and computer rooms to work well,"  said Mr. Befus. "I want to encourage the pupils to work hard and shine in their studies because good grades would be the most significant way to show thankfulness for the solar system."

Representatives from Foundation Groupe EDF and Davis & Shirtliff Zambia shared their excitement about this transformative change. They described their enjoyable experiences during the project's implementation, including the warm reception from locals and pupils. Their involvement demonstrated the power of collaboration in achieving impactful change.

The school, Headgirl, expressed the heartfelt gratitude of the pupils who acknowledged the solar system's profound impact on their lives, as they had long struggled with darkness.


"I want to assure World Vision Zambia and its partners that we will cherish and maintain the system, following the set guidelines to ensure its efficiency and sustainability. We will ensure to use it for our studies to improve the overall school perform"

The partnership between World Vision Zambia, Fondation Groupe EDF, and Davis & Shirtliff Zambia exemplifies hope and inspiration. It shows how organizations, individuals, and communities can come together to bring about transformative change. Through the provision of electricity, they have brightened the path to a happier future for the pupils of Chipepo Boarding School, instilling in them the belief that education knows no bounds and that a brighter tomorrow is possible, one solar panel at a time.