Child Led Research Report on Prevalence and the Effect of Teenage Pregnancy on the Education of Girls in Akotoshie

Young school children from 4 different locations in the Ga West Municipality were selected to participate in a research on Violence Against Children (VAC) to enable them identify the issues and identify possible solutions.

 During the design stage, there were open discussions and presentations from the various groups and common among them was the issue of teenage pregnancy which is affecting the academic progression of many girls in communities such as Medie, Akotoshie and Kotoku communities. Hence teenage pregnancy was acclaimed the priority VAC issue.

All the groups identified VAC issues in their respective communities. These VAC issues were written down for members to vote on the most pertinent VAC issue in their communities. It was out of this process that, teenage pregnancy was prioritized for the research.

The research employed interviews, focus group discussion and key informant interviews to really understand children's perception of what teenage pregnancy is, the prevalence as well as the effect on girls' education and health.

The research sought to find out the following

1. Causes of teenage pregnancy

2. Effects of teenage pregnancy

3. The prevalence of teenage pregnancy

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