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publication • Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Presentation: Strengthening the role of Grandmothers (Mamanieva)

presented at Global Adolescent Health Conference, Ottawa, May 2017

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Presentation at Global Adolescent Health Conference in Ottawa on 16 May 2017 as part of a session entitled Behavioural Change Interventions to Address the Health and Nutritional Needs of Adolescents. This session explored new models of outreach targeting adolescent girls to positively influence health-seeking behaviour and nutritional status, including: (1) social media interventions through mobile phones; (2) strengthening the role of grandmother groups in Sierra Leone; and (3) Adolescent-Friendly Health Corners in Bangladesh.

Moderator: Dominic Schofield, President of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

  • Dr. Bridget Aidam, Research and Evaluation Advisory, Nutrition, World Vision International
  • Dr. Mandana Arabi, Director, Business Platform for Nutrition Research, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
  • Laura Reichenbach, Senior Associate & Deputy Technical Director, The Evidence Project, Population Council

CanWaCH has released video of the sessions:

Learn more about the grandmother-inclusive approach and the Mamanieva project!