World Vision has many nutrition-related resources available for review and download. In this section you will find:

Nutrition Tools and Guidelines – field-friendly training materials developed by the NCOE which provide practical guidance on how to improve nutrition for mothers and children. World Vision has also developed a series of guidance notes that support program partners to implement international recommendations and build practical skills related to nutrition interventions:

Positive Deviance Hearth Training

Grandmother-inclusive Approach

Guidelines and Policy 

Publications – formally published papers on World Vision’s experience addressing malnutrition

  • Molecular Epidemiology of Hemoglobinopathies in Cambodia. This paper sumarizes a community-based cross-sectional survey of 1631 unrelated individuals from three regions of Cambodia to determine the prevalence of thalassemia. A regional-specific thalassemia gene frequency was observed. The results indicate the importance of micromapping and epidemiology studies of thalassemia, which will assist in establishing the national prevention and control program in Cambodia. Access to abstract is free, but a subscription is required to access the entire article. Please contact for more information. 
  • Can fortification be implemented in rural African communities?: Lessons from Malawi, Senegal and Tanzania. This paper reviews the innovative implementation of community-based fortification of staple grains in rural communities in three Sub-Saharan African countries. Published in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Volume 36, Number 1, March 2015, pp. 313(11). 
  • Medium-scale Fortification Chapter: Examines the success and sustainability potential of medium- and small-scale fortification to increase rural access to and usage of fortified flours in Malawi. Project evaluations provided strong evidence of impact over the nine years of implementation. Published in Thompson B, Amoroso L, eds. Improving Diets and Nutrition. Rome: FAO, 2014, 216–229.
  • MICAH Adequacy Evaluation – An adequacy evaluation of a 10-year, four-country nutrition and health programme published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, March 2010.
  • Cambodia Anaemia Study, Journal of Nutrition – A study of the role of genetic hemoglobin disorders, iron deficiency, vitamin A deficiency, infections and other factors in determining anemia in young Cambodian children. Published in Journal of Nutrition, April 2012.
  • Small Animal Revolving Funds ChapterAn innovative programming model increases access to and consumption of animal source foods by rural households in Malawi. Published in Amoroso L, Thompson B, eds. Food Based Approaches for Combating Micronutrient Deficiencies. Rome: FAO, 2010, 137–149.
  • Decreasing Anaemia in Ghana & Malawi Chapter A case study of the effectiveness of a large-scale, integrated, multiple-intervention nutrition program on decreasing anaemia in Ghanaian and Malawian women. Published in Elit L, Froese JC, eds. Women’s Health Issues in the Majority World: Issues and Initiatives. (New York: Nova Science, 2007, 65–107).
  • Child Stunting in Malawi, Public Health Nutrition – Impact of integrated community-based micronutrient and health programme on child stunting in Malawi. Published in Public Health Nutrition, May 2010.
  • Anaemia in Malawian Women, Public Health Nutrition – Impact of an integrated community-based micronutrient and health programme on anaemia in Malawian women. Published in Public Health Nutrition, Nov 2009.

Better Practices – program reports and analyses of World Vision's implementation experience in nutrition

  • MICAH Final Programme Report Final programme report of the CIDA-funded Micronutrient and Health Program (1996–2005) in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Senegal and Tanzania
  • Nutrition Marketplace Nutrition Marketplace is a collection of nutrition initiatives, methodology, observations, best practices and recommendations from past experiences in the field. While historical in describing World Vision’s early implementations, the lessons learned are valuable to anyone who is shaping the design of future projects.
  • Indonesia FAST UP Final Evaluation Report 2008
  • ENHANCE Malawi Brochure
  • Mongolia Sprinkles Evaluation Report  Final report on the effectiveness of home-based fortification of complementary foods with Sprinkles in an integrated nutrition programme to address rickets and anaemia
  • Small Scale Fortification MICAH Malawi The MICAH Malawi programme initiated the small scale fortification of maize at a select number of rural hammermills, and this report provides an overview of the process and the response by beneficiaries.
  • Nutrition Publication Anaemia - December 2006 Issue  Involving communities: reducing anaemia in African children through an integrated approach. Barbara Main, p 6–8. Sprinkles: home-based fortification in Mongolia. Colleen Emary, S.M. Ziauddin Hyder. p 9–11.

Emergency Nutrition Updates Archive – access all 15 issues of World Vision’s quarterly Emergency Nutrition Update (ENU) for technical updates and lessons from the field. These were published between January 2009 and March 2013.