UNHCR funded new project

World Vision launches UNHCR-funded ‘Protection Assistance and Monitoring of People of Concern in Armenia’ project

World Vision reaches NK conflict affected families

World Vision Armenia, in cooperation with Child Development Foundation and with funding from UNHCR, launches a new project that aims to protect people from Nagorno-Karabakh living in refugee-like situation in Armenia, and ensure they have access to and utilize available assistance programs and services. The ‘Protection Assistance and Monitoring of People of Concern in Armenia’ project will particularly support the community self-management through:

  • Mapping all available social, financial, and psychological, legal assistance programmes
  • Information dissemination to target population
  • Strengthening information exchange between duty bearers and service providers
  • Supporting integration of displaced populations in host communities

The project will also actively advocate for improved service provision to displaced people and conduct protection monitoring and profiling of displaced people.

Currently, World Vision Armenia has involved 50 professionals across the country to ensure need-based assistance to displaced people. This assistance will be guaranteed through:

  • Identifying the most vulnerable households/individuals
  • Conducting needs assessment
  • Implementing case management and referral
  • Providing psycho-social support