Himanshi collects clean water from the Hub and Spoke network tap.

Solar power clean water system keeps Himanshi healthy in India

Just like all of us, Himanshi in India has been told to wash her hands often during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce her chances of catching the virus.

But, unlike many of us, the 11 year old had to walk to a neighbouring village to fetch water from the well so she could wash her hands.

Even worse than that …. the water was brown.

Over the years, Himanshi and her siblings often fell ill due to the dirty water. When COVID-19 came, the need for easy access to safe water had never been more important.

In September 2020, cheers filled the roads in Himanshi's village. World Vision India installed a “Hub & Spoke” solar water supply system to increase household access to safe water within the community.

The Hub and Spoke solar power system in Himanshi's village.

The Hub & Spoke model is made up of a single water treatment system and decentralised solar submersible pumps covering households up to 300 metres away.

The water is stored in 5,000 litre overhead tanks, which then supplies running water to community posts with four taps, each close to people’s homes.

The community was also trained on water management and conservation to bring about positive behavioural changes.

“Now water is so easily available to me, I don’t have to go far with my mother to fetch water,” says a delighted Himanshi.

'Now water is so easily available to me' says Himanshi.

Models like Hub and Spoke are crucial for rural homes in India given the pandemic’s impact. The model is cost-effective and meets the need for easy access to safe water

In a survey we conducted among 222 children across eight states in India, 88.89% of children in Rajasthan with access to safe water through the Hub and Spoke model washed their hands at least five times a day.

Of the children without proper access to water, only 24.5% washed their hands at least five times a day.