COVID19: Food and hygiene items distribution to extremely poor families in Armenia

COVID19 food and hygiene items distribution
Monday, March 23, 2020

Due to the emergency state established in Armenia, it is especially difficult for children and their families living in extreme poverty. World Vision Armenia plans to support 700 extremely poor families with essential food and hygiene items to increase their resilience during the emergency.

First distribution of items took place this Sunday, 22nd of March, 2020 in Alaverdi and Vardenis AP communities. On this day, 88 extremely poor families received food and hygiene items from World Vision.

These families’ income comes from odd jobs or state family benefit. Moreover, families living in extreme poverty do not save and in difficult circumstances as this are reliant on humanitarian assistance.

World Vision closely works with 4000 most vulnerable families. During the emergency situation World Vision selected those 700 families where the need is especially severe. Each of these families was hardly providing their daily food even before the emergency state, but today, the issue is but vital, and it will get harder and harder in the nearest future.

If previously at least one family member was able to take up some odd jobs with payment per day (working in construction, providing cleaning services etc.), today this is almost impossible. Moreover, many grocery stores in rural communities do not sell them food on credit, because with the current amount of good, increased levels of demand and price rise, they prefer selling the products to those paying in cash.

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