RUTF Product Guidelines

In the face of the increasing demand for RUTF in the treatment of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and businesses approaching WV for the use of their RUTF products in the field, WV needs to exercise due diligence when considering partnerships with producers of RUTF products from a new source. As a child-focused organisation, WV takes seriously any potential risk of harm to the lives of the children that WV is treating from distributing inappropriate product through WV programmes. Accordingly, the World Vision International (WVI) Nutrition Centre of Expertise (NCoE) has developed the following internal procedures and guidelines which will govern the use of such products in the organisation. 

This document serves as a guideline for the selection and use of RUTF products from new suppliers in WV programmes. It is intended for both off-shore RUTF companies and companies located in countries where RUTF is being used. The technical evaluation criteria applied for products manufactured locally are the same for the off-shore supply. If existing RUTF companies have already exercised due diligence, involving a technical evaluation of products and an assessment of the manufacturing facilities, WV will not duplicate the efforts that have already been accomplished. Where due diligence has already been completed, WV will request copies of the existing documentation that supports the approval of new products.