Health & Nutrition Sector Approach

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Much has changed in the world since World Vision rolled out its first health and nutrition strategic approach in 2007, known as “7-11”. 7-11 was based on global evidence for programming approaches and interventions that focused on maternal and child survival, delivering seven lifesaving behaviours for mothers and 11 for children under two years, also known as the “1,000 days” framework. That strategy, with its accompanying guidance and supporting project models, was successfully scaled up by World Vision National Offices, with 50 countries implementing health and nutrition projects by 2018.


The Sustainable Development Goal framework for 2016-2030 has strategic priorities each for health (SDG 3) and nutrition (SDG 2), and recommendations not only on eliminating preventable maternal and child mortality, but ensuring that children thrive. In this document we lay out the rationale and core components of the new sector approach for Health and Nutrition from 2020-2030.