30th anniversary celebrations

30 years in Armenia; for children, for change, for life

Join us celebrate World Vision's 30th anniversary in Armenia. 

World Vision Armenia proudly shares its major achievements for the past 30th years:

World Vision in Armenia

World Vision Armenia, through its 15 offices in the country, serves to 110000 children throughout Armenia.

  1. World Vision supports every 7th child in Armenia.
  2. 50,000 children attended World Vision’s summer camps.
  3. World Vision reunified 586 children from institutions with their families.
  4. World Vision daily works with 4000 extremely poor households.
  5. World Vision currently supports 110,000 children in Armenia.
  6. In 30 years, World Vision supported over 650,000 children in Armenia.
  7. World Vision in Armenia established 70 Engineering labs for more than 2000 students.
  8. World Vision established 73 producers’ groups in 70 communities of Armenia.