World Vision supports conflict-affected people to earn their stable income through education and professional equipment

Job opportunities for conflict affected people World Vision
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

World Vision supports conflict-affected people in Armenia to take up refreshment courses, participate in vocational classes and start a new career.

Today, we present seven beneficiaries that successfully participated in classes organized by World Vision -  jewelry, fashion design, hairdressing, nail art; and have their career plans designed based on the skills they have learnt.

World Vision provided the beneficiaries with professional tools and equipment that will allow them to provide quality services, expand the range of these services, and increase the number of the clients.

The initiative was organised within ՛Sustainable Solutions for Integration of Displaced and Conflict-Affected Persons’ two-year project funded by the US Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.


Heghine Harutyunyan is a nail artist. Before joining the project she had very little idea on how to work and what to do. “During the three months of classes I  have come to realise that I can have my own business. I had no professional tools, and if not these tools, I would not be able to do anything. This is a big chance for me to change my life”, says Heghine.


Hermine Saryan is a hairdresser. Before joining the project, she had already participated in hairdressing classes, but thanks to World Vision’s project, she mastered her skills and found a job of a hairdresser in a professional salon. “These tools were just a necessity for me. I promise, when you will visit me some time later, you will see how well I work. This was a very important step for me towards a good job, so that I can make my own living as a professional”, says Hermine.


Suren Qaramyan is learning jewelry. Together with his family he arrived from Nagorno-Karabakh months ago leaving behind everything the family had. “I do need these tools, because I am now learning jewelry, and these tools will help me work as a jeweler. I hope everything will be all right. We used to live a dignified life, and today we start over again from the scratch. I hope we will be able to recover everything we had before”, says Suren.


Hripsime Mnatsakanyan has attended classes of fashion design. She used to take up orders for only linen and covers, but today with the overlock sewing machine she has received from World Vision, Hripsime can take orders for making clothes, which will significantly increase the number of her new clients and income. “World Vision allowed me to expand my business. Now I have an overlock machine and can increase my income with new orders”, says Hripsime.


Lena Patmaneyan used to live in Beirut, Lebanon. “I always wished to learn hairdressing, but had no chance for that. Thanks to World Vision, I have learnt hairdressing, received professional equipment, which is a big success for me. Now I do my clients’ hair at home, but my big plan is to find a permanent job in a professional salon”, says Lena.