Breastfeeding Sets the Base For the Rest of a Child's Life

We are celebrating breastfeeding this week! Babies who are breastfed have a 21% lower risk of death in their first year, compared with babies never breastfed.

In the oPt, the rate of breastfeeding in fragile, vulnerable communities is only 37%. Yet women who participate in World Vision's Go Baby Go programme learn the benefits of breastfeeding, leading to 85.7% of them choosing to exclusively breastfeed their babies the first 6 months. This change, among many through the Go Baby Go programme, is helping more caregivers provide a positive a positive, safe, healthy, and stimulating home environment for children ages 0-3. The data shows us a change from 20% of caregivers to 81%. This level of change shows that mothers want what is best for their babies. They only need to be empowered with the right information.

Here is one of their stories