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Channels of Hope for Child Protection

What is Channels of Hope for Child Protection?

Channels of Hope for Child Protection (CoH CP) is a programme methodology that motivates and builds capacity in faith communities to address violence against children including various forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation. It equips them with factually correct information and insight, and guides them to be powerful change agents. CoH CP is usually implemented as part of a wider approach to strengthen the local child protection system.

CoH CP brings together faith leaders from different denominations or religions  and uses guiding principles from scripture, interactive activities, debates, scientific information in a community participatory, interactive methodology to address harmful attitudes and motivate and equip participants to actively respond in a helpful way to issues affecting the well-being of the most vulnerable children and families in their communities. World Vision staff follow up twice yearly to build the necessary capacity and to make sure the catalysed faith groups link with other local community interventions.

CoH CP builds on the desire of faith leaders and communities to protect children and become better parents within their own families; to promote peace and overcome violence; to nurture good and expose evil by speaking the truth in love; to strive for authentic justice that brings healing and reconciliation. CoH CP aims to ensure that children can celebrate who they are and become who they were created to be with the love, respect and help of their parents and faith communities.

Evidence and Learning

Channels of Hope: Child Protection

Learning from the Implementation of Channels of Hope for Child Protection in Malawi

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