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Partnering is a critical aspect of our work. It allows us to collaborate for greater scale and more sustained positive impact on the lives of children and their communities than we could achieve on our own. We work with a number of valuable faith-inspired partners, including institutional donors, non-governmental institutions, civil society, the private sector and faith actors. We are privileged to serve and partner with communities of faith for the well-being of the children all around the world, as well as with global faith-based organizations. Below is a list of some of the global partnerships that expand our ability to reach the world’s most vulnerable children. 

Children on the Move Coalition 

The Children on the Move Coalition is a group of 14 faith-inspired organisations have worked together to end violence against children on the move, including refugee, immigrant and internally displaced children. We believe that by working together we can end violence against children in all its forms. Learn more about our work with the Children on the Move Coalition.

It takes a worlD CampAIGN Faith Partners

World Vision’s campaign, It takes a world to end violence against children, is igniting movements of people committed to keeping children safe from harm. Its name reflects the fact no one person, group or organisation can solve this problem alone and faith actors are essential in this movement. A number of faith-inspired organisations including Anglican Alliance, Arigatou International, Micah Global, World Council of Churches and World Evangelical Alliance are apart of a growing movement of people speaking out to end violence against children. 

Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities  

Joint Learning Initiative Faith & Local Communities is an international collaboration on evidence for faith groups’ activities, contribution and challenges to achieving humanitarian and development goals through excellence in evidence, communications and advocacy. World Vision has partnered with the Joint Learning Initiative since it began in 2012. The Joint Learning Initiative was formed because its leaders identified an urgent need to build collective understanding of the potential for local faith communities to improve health and wellbeing. Learn more about our partnership with the Joint Learning Initiative.

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