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Channels of Hope for HIV

What is Channels of Hope for HIV?

World Vision’s HIV and AIDS response strategy focuses on building the capacity of communities to prevent the spread of HIV and on providing care and advocacy for people living with HIV and for orphans and vulnerable children. The Channels of Hope methodology, one of World Vision’s three core HIV and AIDS response models, is used to mobilise the infrastructure, organisational capacity, pool of current and potential volunteers, and unmatched moral authority of local churches and faith communities towards positive action on HIV and AIDS. Once they have been mobilised, World Vision works with churches and faith-based organisations to co-ordinate and equip sustainable, community-based HIV and AIDS programmes with an emphasis on reaching orphans and vulnerable children in need of care and support.

This methodology is not only effective for faith leaders, but has been used to great effect with various target groups, such as teachers, community leaders, and youth. Used in such contexts, the methodology is then conducted without the faith-specific content.

Evidence and Learning

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