Channels of Hope Gender: Community Vision for Change Project Evaluation

World Vision has been working in communities across the Solomon Islands with a powerful and effective method to change deeply entrenched attitudes that perpetuate gender-based violence and inequality. Called 'Channels of Hope', the approach partners with church leaders to effect positive change in the community. The shocking rates of family and intimate partner violence occurring in the Solomon Islands cannot be attributed to one factor alone. Patriarchal systems of social organisation and belief reinforce the dominance of men and boys over women and girls in almost all aspects of public and private life. The elimination of violence against women is a complex and multifaceted task, yet one that is by its very nature urgent. That's why programs aiming to address gender-based violence must take innovative approaches to address mentalities underpinning violence at their roots. This paper outlines findings from evaluations of gender norms change and violence prevention initiatives in Honiara, Temotu and Weather Coast.