Cover page: Kenya Appeal

6 Month Appeal: Responding to Kenya's Hunger Crisis

In 2017, World Vision's response to Kenya's Hunger Crisis has reached 400,000 people. 
We have provided: 

  • 247,000 people with food security support and assistance to earn an income
  • 135,000 children and their mothers with nutrition support
  • 97,000 with clean water and sanitation services
  • 26,000 with food assistance
  • 21,000 with education and child protection activities
  • 2,400 with essential relief items
  • 2,000 with peacebuilding activities

Going forward, we're hoping to another 400,000 people in the next six months of the response.

We continue to be concerned that:  

  • The ongoing drought continues to affect children and their families
  • 3.4 million Kenyans continue to be in need of food assistance
  • Delivering assistance is challenged by conflict, poor weather and poor transportation networks
  • The response is underfunded

World Vision Kenya is requesting an additional $19 million US to reach more than 400,000 people during the next six months.