COVID-19 Prayers

Hope Over Fear: Through the Power of Prayer

It is an incredibly complex time we find ourselves in during these COVID-19 restrictions and implications. None of us have ever been here before and yet, it is precisely for these unprecedented times that the Church was created to thrive. We are the hope of the world—a light in the dark—a city on a hill.

Despite the challenges of this season and the genuine grief and impact felt around the world, we have the recipe for a thriving future.

These tools help you take this crisis and harness it as an opportunity to move past surviving and into spiritual thriving centred around following Jesus by using regular rhythms (prayer, connection, and challenge) and three simple postures: Surrender, Generosity, and Mission.

Practically, it looks rather simple: daily prayers (which we will introduce through this guide), regular connection with a hub (cultivating spiritual friends), and monthly challenges to keep vibrant and fresh on the journey.