2022 Learning Brief: The Role of Faith in Building Peaceful Societies and Combatting Xenophobia

Learning Brief 2022: The Role of Faith Leaders in Building Peace and Combatting Xenophobia

This is one in a series of three learning briefs presenting findings of an updated review of faith-based action for children on the move. A set of briefs was first published in 2018 to support the evidence base for the Faith Action for Children on the Move Forum, held in Rome 16–19 October 2018. To maintain an understanding of the current academic and practitioner landscape, those briefs have now been updated with recent literature and good practice examples. When developing the original briefs, which included an extensive literature review and review of case studies submitted from around the world, three key themes around faith engagement with children on the move emerged: Continuum of Child Protection, Spiritual Support and Peacebuilding. This brief is an update to the brief on Peacebuilding and similarly draws on data collected through literature review, ad hoc searches and direct submissions from faith actors. These briefs do not intend to provide an extensive overview of all available evidence on faith and children on the move. Instead, they aim to help faith actors, development and humanitarian practitioners, policymakers and donors increase their understanding of faith communities’ contributions to supporting children on the move, and shape policy and practice.