“The Three + 1 Little Pigs” or What is Bullying in the Modern World

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

On November 24, a performance about bullying, titled "The Three + 1 Little Pigs", was held at one of the basic schools in Hrazdan. The event was attended by school children ages 9-13, teachers, parents, as well as Community Social Worker Armen Ayvazyan, school principal Knkush Levonyan, and the "Community Level Access to Social Services" (CLASS) Project Manager Aida Muradyan.

Bullying in modern world

During the performance, the idea of bullying, the methods of its expression and consequences were presented through the characters of the fairy tale, in a manner and vocabulary accessible to children. After the presentation, an interactive discussion was held, where the children presented their ideas about bullying, its manifestations in the school environment and outside of it. The school children also talked about how they would behave and who they would seek help from, in case they found themselves in a difficult situation. For the purpose of getting a better idea of the problem, the school children, with the help of the moderator, began to analyse the very parts of the story where the phenomenon of bullying was clearly shown.

Bullying in modern world

At the end of the discussion, the Community Social Worker greeted the children and presented examples of difficult life situations, the role of the social worker in overcoming them and how children, school professionals and parents could approach him.

The performance was staged within the educational component of the "Community Level Access to Social Services" (CLASS) project, in cooperation with the "Theatre for Change." The series of interactive performances started on October 31 and was staged in all marzes (regions) of Armenia - in one school of each marz.

Bullying in modern world

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