Monday, April 20, 2015
A hunger for food, friends and school
Just a decade ago, it was rare for Khang ethnic minority girls, who live without main electricity in Vietnam’s mountainous district of Tuan Giao, to go to school.“My dad can read and write, but he had to drop out of school in grade five when my grandfather died of a lung disease,” says Hoan, who belongs to the remote community near the border with Laos in the nation’s north-west.“My mum can only use her fingerprints instead of writing yes or her name on official papers, though,” the 11-year-old adds.
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A Leader for Tomorrow
Holding a large bag as he steps into a wooden house, 13-year-old Sovang greets 30 children seating in the tables. “Hello everyone,” he says loudly. With a clear voice, he asks his students to take out books from their backpacks and plastic bag.Sovang speaks to them in English and Khmer languages, slowly pronouncing both the English and translated phrases. Pointing to the words on a whiteboard, Sovang asks his students to repeat those words. The students quickly obey their young teacher.
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October 8th 2014
Motivated by sponsorship
“What was considered a bleak light has become the shining light in the lives of many; I am now like a cornerstone for not only my family but the extended families as well,” says Yule Mwewa, a former World Vision sponsored child.Yule, 33, comes from Kawimbe village in Mbala Area Development Programme (ADP), about 1,075 kilometres north of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.Born from a family of eight, Yule was one of the first sponsored children when Mbala ADP was established many years ago.
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February 12th 2014
Former sponsored child is a great teacher
Years ago, the vision in the Shumid Cocholoma community located at 10,000 feet above the sea level, was different; men were privileged to study and there was no respect for women “Now it is different,” says Rebeca.“Since I was a little child, I always dreamed to study and achieve my goal of becoming a Systems Engineer. I feel very committed to my community and I would like to see equal opportunities for men and women,” she adds. 
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June 22nd 2013
Let them change your life
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March 13th 2013
When a former sponsored child advocates for the well-being of the children
"For every child, life in all its fullness, for every heart, the will to make it so." For over fifteen years now, the Area Programme (AP) of Sine helped transform this vision into reality. The story of Marie Sarr is a perfect illustration because formerly sponsored, she advocates today for better protection of children. Sponsored in 1998, Marie Sarr is now a World Vision Senegal staff member; She is an accountant in Diakhao cluster. Marie Sarr works for the program that registered her as a sponsored child.
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February 28th 2019
The Impact of Sponsorship: Nancy
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February 15th 2019
Sponsorship, a source of hope for Mouna and her mom in Mauritania
“My name is Mouna, I'm 14 years old.  I've been sponsored in World Vision program since young. Every year, my Swiss sponsor sends me donation I use to buy school clothes and supplies for my brothers and me. My mother has also been able to create a small business that is in the form of income-generating activity. Thanks to my sponsor's donations, we are all enrolled in private schools and we have very good grades." 
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February 8th 2019
Bright Hopes for the Children of Democratic Republic of Congo
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December 14th 2018
Impact of Sponsorship in Gemena
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December 14th 2018
Sincerely Let Her Go
Mother is everything for Ika (14 yo). Mother can make her feel more comfortable and safe. However, after the earthquake and tsunami hit Central Sulawesi on Friday, September 28, 2018, there is no more figure of a mother for Ika.Ika and her cousin were at the market to buy some fishes on that day. They walked down Talise beach and still able to meet her mother. Unfortunately, that was her last time to see her mother.“I asked Mom where the fish seller is. She pointed at one place. I am still able to smile at her, but she did not see and did not smile back at me,” Ika said.
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November 6th 2018