Monday, April 3, 2017
World Vision responds to emergency in Mocoa, Colombia
World Vision is coordinating the deployment of personnel to aid the population affected by the landslide caused early this Saturday, April 1st, by the overflow of the Mocoa, Sagoyaco y Mulata rivers, in the Departament of Putumayo, located in the Southwest of Colombia. According to the most recent reports, of the National Unit for the Disaster  Risk Assessment, 193 people have died, other 200 are injured (71 of them are children), and approximately 500 families have been affected. The number of missing persons is still unknown.
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Philippines more resilient 3 years after Typhoon Haiyan
Tacloban City, Philippines -- World Vision joins the people of Leyte and the rest of the country in commemorating the third year after typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) hit the central Philippines on November 8, 2013. After 1,095 days, rehabilitation work in Haiyan-affected areas remains community-centered recognizing the people’s local capacities and the strong partnerships among NGO’s, community partners, government and donors.
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November 7th 2016
Cyclone Pam - One year on
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March 8th 2016
Nearly broken: Feeling the effects of the El Nino
Lounapkiko is a very small, remote village characteristic of Vanuatu’s Tanna Island. Although less than 10 kilometres from the largest town on Tanna, it takes hours to reach Lounapkiko by foot, and nearly as long in a 4WD vehicle. Visitors, and villagers alike negotiate steep inclines on muddy paths that twist through the coarse bush, and the roads are empty of other vehicles or travellers."I don’t know how we will survive this."
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December 21st 2015
Two years after Haiyan: Daniella’s story
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November 3rd 2015
Syrian refugee children face dropping temperatures on their way to Europe
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October 27th 2015
Little children recount how they survived Typhoon Koppu
By Lanelyn Carillo, Field and Emergency Communication SpecialistTucked in a corner of a long narrow village road is a house on stilts, standing strong against the brownish floodwater with floating water lilies. The floodwaters were triggered by Typhoon Koppu (Lando), which brought heavy winds and strong rain across Northern Luzon. An open cabinet, muddied clothes, damaged electric fans, wet toys and shoes were piled up in disarray in the front yard. In the corner, a noddle soup is brewing in a pot.  
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October 23rd 2015
India Floods: 12 Photos that you should see
By Daniel Mung, World Vision India Communications OfficerIt's as if their lives don't matter at all.They’re still in waist-deep water, their homes destroyed, their crops lost and their future threatened. Others have been hunkered in evacuation centres for weeks, waiting for the water to wash away, to claw back a life.And no one outside their community seems to care.For the last 15 days, families in West Bengal have been dealing with mass flooding.
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August 5th 2015
Children draw their dreams about Syria
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June 19th 2015
Cyclone Pam one month on - Are we doing enough?
As rain began to lightly touch my roof the other night I was first filled with relief.It’s almost a month since Cyclone Pam and since the pelting rains brought with her, we have rarely had a drop since.The lush, bright green tropics of Vanuatu were transformed into a plantation of brown and leafless twigs.Vanuatu normally looks like an oasis – now parts of it resemble a parched desert.The rain I thought will bring new life, green shoots, small leaves of hope and new beginnings.Rain will fill depleting water tanks.
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April 13th 2015