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Channels of Hope for Ebola

Channels of Hope is a World Vision methodology that motivates and builds capacity in faith leaders and faith communities to engage with key child well-being issues. Channels of Hope for Ebola draws on sacred scriptures, scientific information and messages, case studies, personal experience and interactive activities to remove religious and social barriers that result in the continued spread of Ebola. It also addresses the stigma and the psychosocial and spiritual challenges that affected individuals face. The programme fully equips faith leaders to promote accurate and responsible messages about Ebola and helps them to respond with compassion and care for affected people.

Faith leaders are amongst the most influential members in a community, wielding considerable influence over culture and what actions are prescribed or prohibited in their communities. Unfortunately, faith leaders and communities often lack necessary skills and information to engage in a helpful way on health issues, resulting in wrong information and promotion of religious practices that could continue to spread Ebola.

Through Channels of Hope for Ebola, faith leaders are further enabled to become powerful messengers and change agents, inspiring entire communities to care for and love one another and deconstruct barriers to good health in their communities.

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Key outcomes

  1. Faith communities are engaged in actions that contribute to Ebola prevention, advocacy or care.
  2. Community knowledge about mechanisms to prevent and treat Ebola increases.
  3. Survivors and families are supported and accepted.

Evidence and learning

Stories and videos of change

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Learn more about Channels of Hope by checking out the Channels of Hope project model. If you’d like to learn more about Channels of Hope or to check out the Facilitation Manual, please reach out to