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World Vision's Global Health, Nutrition and HIV Community of Practice is a group of people, who share a common interest - Healthy Children For A Healthy World!  The World Vision Global Health CoP Began in 2008 and has over 2500 members from across the globe.  

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Join us!  Learn with us!  As a member of the World Vision Global Health, Nutrition and HIV Community of Practice, you will have access to new resources and tools from World Vision's health programming, webinar invitations to speak with Champions for Child Health across the globe, and an avenue to share what YOU are doing in the field of Global Health.

Next Webinar: Researcher In Residence Webex: Intro to Developmental Evaluation & Application in WV Programs

DATE: 13 MARCH 2019
TIME: 09:00 EST

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World Vision Canada has started a programme called Researchers-In-Residence where experts from across the globe are brought in to enrich our programming and inspire new ideas.  While usually done as a face-to-face lunch-n-learn, this month, we invite you to a VIRTUAL Researchers-In-Residence via the Global Health Community of Practice platform.  Our expert  for the month is Dr. Ashwin Budden on the topic of Developmental Evaluation.  Developmental Evaluation is an emerging approach to evaluation that is well suited to social innovation, and is gaining the attention of funders, non-profit organizations and evaluators who are engaged in developing and testing new solutions to complex and persistent challenges in unpredictable environments and changing programmatic contexts. 


Mark your calendars to attend this March 13 Webinar Discussion! 

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