Sunday, November 18, 2018
Ending Violence Against Children: The importance of getting involved
By Nicoleta,16, Romania  Violence is a problem that we are used to facing; everywhere we look there is something bad happening but we can overcome it with kindness as long as we are involved in creating a better world.
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Violence Against Children: We still have work to do, but every small step counts
By Suelv, aged 14, Young Leader from AlbaniaHello, my name is Suelv, I am 14 years old from Albania. I live in the coastal city called Vlora. I want to talk about ending violence against children especially physical, psychological and verbal violence. I would like to emphasize the importance of child participation in making a change in children's lives and especially in empowering girls.Ending violence against children
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June 26th 2018
End child Neglect
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February 26th 2019
World Vision launches campaign to end violence against children in Timor-Leste
 Dili, 3 December 2018 – World Vision has officially launched its campaign, “It takes a world to end violence against children in Timor-Leste now!” The launch was held at the Dili Convention Centre on 26 November as part of the national event to mark Universal Children’s Day, organised by the National Commission for the Rights of Children and UNICEF. The purpose of World Vision’s campaign is to increase parents’ knowledge and understanding of their obligation to protect children from physical and sexual violence at home; and to support the government to improve the implementation of laws and p
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December 4th 2018
Exhibition of visual artist Amy Sow "A Girl, a Word" for the launch of the campaign against child marriage in Mauritania
On the International Day of the Girl and the launch of the World Vision national campaign, "Together, let's eliminate child marriage in Mauritania" on October 11, 2018, the visual artist Amy Sow and her team in partnership with World Vision Mauritania, invited young girls to come express themselves through photography to fight against child marriage #OneGirl #OneParole #WorldVisionMauritania A photo studio was set up by Amy Sow, founder of ArtGallé and World Vision goodwill ambassador for the campaign. The best photographs have been exhibited at Artgallé gallery since November 2nd.
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November 12th 2018
Vanuatu launches its "It takes respect to create a safer Vanuatu" campaign
“Sexual abuse is the biggest social problem in Vanuatu today,” were the words spoken by Ralph Regenvanu, the Vanuatu Minister of Foreign Affairs, during World Vision’s launch of the ‘It takes respect to create a safer Vanuatu’ campaign in Port Vila on 10 May 2018.  As a leader renowned for fighting for social justice and being very popular among Vanuatu youth, he added that the messages about respect shared by World Vision were connected to the preamble of Vanuatu’s constitution and could help in efforts to building a safer nation.
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August 29th 2018
Girls on the move
It only takes a spark to end violence against children in Africa
“It only takes a spark, to get the fire going…”The words of this old hymn come to my mind every time I think of the number of children and families on the move.I have often wondered whether the person that set the spark off – that triggered a conflict or escalated tensions in communities – had any idea how destructive that spark would be as it uproots families and children from their day to day routines, altering their futures forever.Many children, girls in particular, face violence when they are forced to leave their homes.
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June 27th 2018
Goodwill Ambassador Ha Anh Tuan on the importance of ending violence against children
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June 21st 2018
Listen to their dreams: What does the future look like for South Sudan's children?
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June 18th 2018